Save 90% On Your Electricity Bill​ With Solar

Stop worrying and start acting! Be in control of your electricity bill with GSPARX solar solution. 

How Much Can I Save With Solar?

Our calculator can help you get the right solar installation size for your home and calculate the amount of potential saving you can expect in your bills.

Your Potential Energy Saving

Recommended solar capacity

Solar installations are sized in kilowatt peak (kWp)


Monthly Saving



Yearly Saving


*The recommended size is based on your electricity bill only. The real capacity will be known after pre-assement.
*Assessment will be done after the client signs the proposal and submit. 


A Brighter, Greener Future Awaits

Save bills and go green with GSPARX. As your trusted solar expert, we are with you every step of the way from consultation to installation, maintenance and monitoring.

We Are A Subsidiary Of 
Tenaga Nasional Berhad

GSPARX is 100% owned by TNB, meaning we are a strong and sustainable company to support you for a long time.

We offer ZERO 
Capex Solution

GSPARX offers you solutions at zero upfront cost so you can enjoy bill-saving hassle-free!

Quality & Safety 
is Our Priority

GSPARX practices the highest standard of safety in our work and provide you with only the top quality equipment for your solar solution.

We Provide You End-To End Hassle-Free Services

GSPARX takes care of your solar solutions from consultation, design, installation, maintenance as well as monitoring.

We Have All The 
Experience & Expertise

With TNB powering Malaysia for over 70 years, GSPARX not only has the expertise and experience in solar solutions, but we can also cater to all your energy needs.

We Are All Out 
About Green!

Solar is only the beginning. We continue to innovate in bringing you the latest technology in greener and cleaner energy.

Tier 1 solar panels

Leading inverter brands

Design, supply & install

Maintenance & Warranty

Solar insurance

NEM & NEM meter application


Hear from our Happy Customers

Let Your 
Roof Work

Creating a sustainable future for younger generation begins from home. 
As your solar expert, we have the right expertise and experience to install solar panel for any type of houses and roofs.

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