The cost of solar panel installation for Malaysian homes

Over the years, solar power has become a popular alternative for energy throughout the world. With sunny weather year-round, Malaysia is an ideal location to generate solar power and replace traditional energy sources. 

However, many do not know the cost of solar panel installation in Malaysia. The price can vary depending on various factors, but it ranges from RM14,000 to RM100,000. 

Let’s dive deeper into the factors that affect the price of solar panel installation in Malaysia.

Rooftop: Size, material and type

The composition of your roof determines the installation mounting requirements of your solar panels as well as how they are positioned. For starters, rooftops in Malaysia are often finished with tiles, metal or asphalt, with most of them able to accommodate solar panels.

The number of solar PV panels that can be installed depends on the size of your roof. The larger the rooftop, the more solar panels can be installed which in turn increases the amount of electricity you can produce. 

A flat roof is best for maximised sun exposure. If your roof is slanted, it is best for the solar PV panels to face North or South. This is to ensure the panels will receive the sun’s rays for most of the day. However, placing solar panels to face East or West is also possible given careful design and planning. This will determine solar panel prices.

Types of solar panels

The cost of residential solar panel installation also depends on the type of solar panels that are suitable for your home. There are three types of solar panels: thin film, polycrystalline and monocrystalline.

Due to their high conversion and space efficiency, monocrystalline solar panels are the most popular choice for residential rooftop solar installations. Prices vary based on where the products were made, their effectiveness and the length of their warranties.

Size of solar panel systems

The price of solar panel systems for homes in Malaysia can also be determined by their size. The amount of space on your roof will be a big factor in determining the size of your solar panel system.

The price also depends on how much solar electricity you intend to produce. Your solar panel provider will be able to help calculate the amount of solar energy you can create with different solar panel sizes. By examining your last three-monthly electricity bills, he can also estimate the amount of money you will save with your panel selection. 

Since solar panels produce power during the day, optimising the size of your solar system to meet your daytime energy needs can maximise your solar cost savings. 

Maintenance fees

In Malaysia, the cost of solar panel systems for homes maintenance averages around RM 320 per visit. The maintenance procedure involves your solar panel provider cleaning the panels and testing the inverters and breakers. It is advised to get your solar panel system maintained once a year to ensure it’s in good condition.

Reroofing or waterproofing

Before you start installing solar panels, it is highly recommended to waterproof your roof if it is old or has not been well maintained. For tile roof installations that are more intrusive, this should also be taken into account. Waterproofing will incur additional costs but it is crucial to avoid any potential leaks after solar panel installation. Seeing that solar panel installation is a big investment and likely for the long term, it is best to ensure all precautions are taken so that you will reap the rewards without little to no hassle in the future and of course, the cost of solar panels will be determined by this factor.

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